A water with... famed water sommelier Martin Riese on his new podcast with his co host Michael Mascha: Guest Nicoya Hecht, Owner of Rising Springs from Idaho / Unites Sates. Powered by Planet Water Podcast, Martin & Michael want to know why Nicoya was interested to take over a very unique water: Rising Springs is one of the deepest known natural springs, flowing up under its own pressure from an astonishing depth of 2.2 miles. As it rises up from 2.2 miles deep, through cracks and fissures in the dense granite Idaho Batholith ("deep rock" in Greek), the water is protected for the entirety of its 16,000 year journey by the granite and its own tremendous upward and outward pressure. The water rushes through miles of silica quartz crystals, absorbing energy, a light minerality and a unique redox potential.

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