A Water With... famed water sommelier Martin Riese on his new podcast with his co host Michael Mascha:  Today we are going to Romania and visiting Amalia Matei from aur’a water.

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Aur'a natural gold water emerges  in a region called “Gold Hawk Mountain” where since Roman times men have harvested rare precious metal ore. Aur’a is a still water originating from the Ursoanea spring (Ursoanea Valley) located in Ocna de Fier, Caraș-Severin, in the hydrographic basin of Moravița. Aur’a emerges to the surface naturally filtered by sand, gravel, cobble and clay. Crossing a gold and silver underground ore, the water is naturally enriched with colloidal gold and silver. Aur’a is certified as a natural mineral water and the water is not treated or modified by adding or removing any elements. 
“AUR’A” is not just a name. “Aur” comes from the Latin word “aurum” which signifies “gold” and the “A” stands for “argentum”, the latin word for “silver” – both vital nanoparticles present in every drop of Aur’a Natural Gold Water. 
Aur’a is a feminine name and the most important element it stands: the woman, who, same as Aur’a, is life giving. Then we have masculine elements, the sun and the king, which exudes supremacy, strength and endurance. A true natural alkaline water, Aur’a springs from deep within the mountain and its place of collection is “glued” to the slope. From here it reaches the bottling line only a few meters away and then straight into the bottle. The water does not suffer any transformation, being only passed through particle filters. 


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