A Water With... famed water sommelier Martin Riese on his new podcast with his co host Michael Mascha: 

Today we are going to Portugal and visiting Antunes Da Silva from Pedras Water in Portugal.


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Pedras Salgadas 


The springs of Pedras Salgadas were known since Roman times. However, they only began to be exploited commercially in 1871. In 1879 the on the Grande Hotel in the spa area started, and in 1884, was visited by the Queen D. Maria Pia. In 1893, the pro-cess of bottling got under way, putting Pedras Salgadas within the reach of not only visitors to the spa but also the rest of the Portuguese population. 

Pedras Salgadas is a naturally carbonated mineral water with a unique and constant composition. It comes from the north east of Portugal, on a totally isolated plateau, free from any kind of pollutant, in a region of rare beauty and environmental purity. The wa-ter takes about ten years to cross the different layers of granite that filter it and enrich it with mineral salts, endowing it with the properties that make it into the market leader of Portugal's sparkling waters Água das Pedras - "water from stones" 

There is an explanation for the association frequently made in Portugal between Ped-ras Salgadas and "Água das Pedras" ("water from the stones"). In the middle of the 1960s, the brand's advertising strategy urged the consumption of water from the stones. "All hours are good to drink Water from the Stones", "Naturally Water from the Stones" and "Water from the Stones". "Energy that moves with you" were some of the slogans that had been used by the brand by the beginning of the 1990s. Consequent-ly, this naturalness of Pedras led to the actual claim of the brand: "Nature’s Power is Infinite!" .

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