A water with... famed water sommelier Martin Riese on his podcast with his co host Michael Mascha: Guest today Nicholas Steuer, Owner of Nevas Water, the first Cuvée Water from Germany. Powered by Planet Water Podcast, Martin & Michael want to know from Nicholas the story of Nevas Water!

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What does NEVAS stand for? First, water, as a drink, which flows out of a black container. Νερό is the Greek name for water, while Nero is black in Italian for the color. VAS, as the second part of the name, is synonymous with the Latin-anatomical term for a vessel or a container. The family crest of the company founder rounds off the NEVAS brand as the centerpiece.

The vision behind Nevas Water is to provide a water to the quality and luxury customer who can be the centerpiece of any festive table. In order to live up to this claim, Nevas Water Cuvée was the first premium water of German origin to be launched. It is characterized by its fine, pearly texture. With a popping cork and an extraordinary design, Nevas Water Cuvée fulfills the highest gustatory and visual demands on every occasion.

NEVAS Water combines the water of two natural springs and thus the best of mineralization and taste. As the first cuvée in the water segment, mixed with fine sparkling carbon dioxide, NEVAS Water not only convinces with its unmistakable taste, but also with the highest quality.

NEVAS Water offers an unforgettable sparkling drinking experience with its unique sparkling carbon dioxide. Both artesian mineral wells are several hundred years old and give the water through their special rock layers a uniquely high content of natural calcium (62 mg/100 ml). Nevas Water Cuvée combines the highest quality, unmistakable taste and is thus an expression of personal individuality.

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