Today water sommelier Martin Riese and Chance Sanchez are joinded by Katja Reitemeyer from Marin Munchies chocolates.

Marin Mūnchies' founder, Katja Reitemeyer, grew up in Hamburg, Germany and began making her own cakes, cookies, and chocolatey desserts as a child. For years, she indulged in eating whatever she wanted. Her love of chocolate was so intense that she combined it with everything, even breakfast eggs. It wasn’t until the early 2000's in the midst of a thriving technology career when, after moving from Europe to the United States, she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and a variety of other severe food allergies. Devastated, she was advised that among many culinary loves, desserts and chocolate were simply off the menu due to the multitude of seemingly unavoidable ingredients.

We taste several waters to Katja's chocolate and we discover together that water even has an impact on her amazing chocolates.

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